"Albert Carroll" 1928

"An American In Paris" 1951

"Falsettos" 1992

"Chita Rivera" 1984

Spotlight on Spotlights

See curated collections of Hirschfeld art allover the web

We are turning over the spotlight this month to the many sites and publications who are training their spotlights on Hirschfeld in honor of THE HIRSCHFELD CENTURY. No one exhibition or book can include all the great drawings, nor go in depth on every aspect or theme in his work. Playbill, Theatermania, and others have been presenting collections of themed drawings every month on their website, and will continue to do so into the fall. Visit these “galleries” to see curated shows of themed Hirschfeld art.

A Hirschfeld Reflection of the 2015 Tony Nominees

Celebrating Pride Hirschfeld-Style! 

The Legendary Chita Rivera, As Drawn by Al Hirschfeld

Rare Classic Drawings From the Famed Broadway Caricaturist Al Hirschfeld

5 Little-Known Facts About the Work of Prolific Broadway Cartoonist Al Hirschfeld

Ten historic drawings by Broadway’s greatest caricaturist

10 Rare Works by Famed Broadway Artist Al Hirschfeld

A History of The King and I, Told Throguh These Rarely-Seen Al Hirschfeld Works

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