Published June 1, 1997


Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, and Michael Richards in Seinfeld. 1997


Looking for a show about nothing? With a truly ensemble cast, Seinfeld would pave the way for sitcoms to come, most notably, FriendsE! named the series the "Number 1 reason the '90s ruled” and the show gave us the inclusive holiday “Festivus” as well as other cultural moments such as the Soup Nazi and the Puffy Shirt. Seinfeld was so popular that when the series finale was aired in 1998, TV Guide, the bible of all things TV related, had Hirschfeld create four separate covers of the lead actors, a first for the magazine, and a great success that TV Guide would continue for fans of television shows and collectors alike. Many know that Larry David co created the series with Jerry Seinfeld and was the head writer for a majority of its run. Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm can sometimes see the Hirschfeld drawing of creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David hanging in David’s office.

This work is available as a hand signed, limited edition lithograph.

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