"kris dancer, bali"

Published December 7, 1941


Baliense scene from HARLEM as seen by hirschfeld: 24 LITHOGRAPHS (20 OF HARLEM, 4 OF BALI) AND 4 DRAWINGS, 12/7/41



In the dance drama called Calon Arang, Barong emerges to counteract Rangda's use of magic to control the world. In Balinese mythology, Barong is a prominent character often in the form of a lion, regarded as the King of the Spirits who represent Virtue. Barong is seen as ‘a guardian angel’. Rangda is the Queen of Demons. The performers get into a trance state and fight each other with kris daggers, but upon the appearance of Barong, they turn their kris and stab themselves. Barong then defeats Rangda, thus restoring balance in nature. Meanwhile, the tranced men are reincarnated by the sprinkle of holy water.

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