May 14, 2009


"self portrait with head as inkwell"

Welcome to the online home of the Al Hirschfeld Archives. Coming in the Fall of 2010, you will see the complete works of Al Hirschfeld like you never have before. For the first time, you will be able to search more than 10,000 drawings, paintings, and prints by performer name, production title, date, publication, or even genre (television, film, theater, music, etc.)

There will be applications for you to create albums of your favorite works to share with friends, games to find NINAs, highlights from our archives, news about exhibitions, events, publications and much, much more.

We want to share Hirschfeld’s legendary artwork with you. We will have thousands of images online for your to explore. You will get front row seats to the Performing Arts in the 20th Century. The cast is a veritable Roll Call of Theater, Film, Television, Music, and Dance, as seen by one of the master of line.

This site will be for those who literally grew up with Hirschfeld’s work, as well as those who missed his 82-year run, especially students who are now using his work as part of their arts curriculum. It will be a resource for scholars and art directors, to show the breadth of Hirschfeld’s art. We want to encourage others to utilize the work in different contexts in both traditional and digital media.

Sign up on our email list, and you’ll be the first to know when the site is ready for its debut this Fall. Feel free to email us your suggestions and stories. You can also follow regular updates on Twitter at @AlHirschfeld.

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