March 2, 2012

TGIF: Tango Argentino

"tango argentina"

Hirschfeld is synonymous with the theater. As the Academy of Motion Pcitures Arts and Science’s landmark exhibition and book, Hirschfeld’s Hollywood showed, he is almost equally connected to film. Our new show this fall with reveal his lifetime association with jazz.

But Hirschfeld could also trip the line fantastic drawing dancers. As many of his early contemporaries focused on the face of their subject, Hirschfeld refused to limit himself to just the head and one of his great gifts was to capture the movement of the whole body. After a nearly thirty year break in printmaking, he returned to the lithograph stone for a series of color lithographs of dancers, Rhythm, that eschewed specific personalities and instead focused on the movement of the dancers.

This Friday drawing could have easily been a part of the Rhythm series, albeit created 15 years later. The work, in a private collection for many years, is now part of the historic Mel Seiden Hirschfeld collection at Harvard.


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